Tips to loose belly fat

Do you have a fat belly? Well I don’t think it’s that cute then because in my view a fat belly doesn’t look that attractive on anyone else other than Winnie the pooh and super Mario. You know that the reason behind your big belly is your fault of letting it grow to the point that it became fat. Sometimes the reason for a big tummy is coming down from the family genes or in which case you suffer from some sickness that cause you to be rather fat. If you are not falling into any of these categories, then this should wholly be your fault and you are responsible for letting your figure go out of shape.


The first thing to know about being fat is that, you are what you eat and if you don’t control your mouth and what you take in, then there is a high chance that you will gain on a lot of calories and have them accumulated in your body in layers of fat. It’s not a joke when someone says to watch what you eat. It seems so easy for us to sit and watch how great the Victoria secret models’ bodies look but it’s not at all easy to look the way they do as that body to look the way it does, they follow daily workout sessions and careful selection of their food intake. Let me take you through few tips that could help you reduce you belly fat and I have genuinely tried these and has seen amazing results myself.


Diet plan


A good diet plan doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself; a good diet is when you eat healthy food. You do need carbs into your body but they all convert into sugar, melts inside your body so cut down on carbohydrates, mostly bread or rice related food items. Cut down on oil for that is one main reason for you to put on weight.  Eat a lot of plant based products like fruits, vegetables and healthy leaves like kale.


Detox water

Prepare your own detox water; mix in cucumber slices, lemon, ginger and mint leaf into a good bottle of water and refrigerate it overnight. Then next day, drink it throughout the day. it’s better to drink two bottles each daily while you follow your diet plan. This will help cleanse your belly plus remove any unnecessary fat.



The next most important this to do regular exercising; no matter how much you maintain a diet and detox your body, it will not come in to a good shape unless you work out to bring those curves in. you will need to start up with few regular exercises at first and then stick to a simple schedule with sit-ups, crunches and squats to get the right lines and curves.

These are some of the ways that you can use to lose your belly fat and these tips are coming out of a person who actually tried and saw results.

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