Things that Dairy can do to you


Our first thing we ever taste is mother’s milk, then we drink milk off the bottle but the wonders that it can do for us is countless.  We don’t usually look into the benefits of the things that we eat or drink unless we are quite a health conscious person and focus on the different food intakes per day. in the past the reason why kids were given milk is to make their bones stronger. They grow and start walking, running as their bones harden up but even if you are a grown up, still milk can help you in multiple ways.


Most people try to make it a habit to add milk into their daily routine and that’s who Ovaltine, milo and different other milk complimentary products been added to the market. To those who do not like to drink milk all by itself could always add something else to change its taste. Incorporating the habit of drinking a glass of milk every day can help you gain the necessary protein, vitamin A, D, B12, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Let me take you through how each of these components help you in your day to day life.




These are what make your strong and gives you enough energy to work well.  From the time you wake up till the point you go back to bed, you will be working on different tasks throughout the day and this will take up your energy and milk will help restore that wasted energy.




This is a component that will help strengthen your teeth and bones. As you grow older, the bone joints will start hurting for they get weaker and the age you grow up, you need to take in a lot of calcium prone food to make sure your bones stay strong and firm as you age. It’s not possible to stay completely fit every day till you die but at least it will help to keep you going fit.


Vitamin D


This is very important to your body; you usually get it from the sun rays as well and in countries like Australia and New Zealand, they have prescribed external intakes of these pills to people as they don’t get it from the sun to those countries. These will help absorb the food into your body and improve your immune system.

Each of these components will help you not only grow but also to keep yourself fit and healthy and that is why you should not forget to add in dairy products into your daily routine.

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