How to keep your skin healthy

All we see on the internet now a days is how much people try to cover up their own skin by loading on tons of makeup but not many actually try to influence people to try to make your skin look the same way as how it would look with makeup on. It’s not a difficult task to get healthy and clear skin if you actually put in some effort into it. It’s not about hiding from the sun or applying a lot of expensive creams but it’s about the things you can do daily in your life to make sure you stay healthy. There are so many people who emphasize you on how water can be important to you and yet I cannot still leave that out on my list of getting a healthy skin.

Water can help flush our internal body systems and give the hydration our body needs to absorb th food we take in. when we hydrate our body, it will automatically be reflected through our skin. This will help your skin clear up and stay quite healthy. Apart to water, the next main thing is your daily intake of food. You need to make sure you eat a lot of healthy vegetables and fruit that can help nourish your skin. Your skin will repair itself overnight while you are asleep and it will take whatever the good things you’ve eaten to absorb in the nutrients for rejuvenation. The main two things on the list being water and food, let me list down few other things that can help you immensely.

These are the next 3 main things you can add into your regular routine to help yourself get a great skin within 3 months.

Wash and cleanse

Always wash your face after you come home or just as you wake up. Whenever you feel like there is dirt collecting on your skin, make sure to cleanse and wash it out. This will help your skin to breathe in a lot more. If you let your skin sink in with dirt, they will get accumulated in your pores and cause acne or pimples.

Use masks

It’s always good to use some natural cucumber, orange or lemon mixed masks to help your skin cleanse and brighten up. They have natural bleaching agents that could help you reduce any patches or pigmentation. It also makes your skin look fresh and young.


After cleansing and putting masks on your skin, always moisturize it well for it will help your skin smoothen up otherwise certain masks can dry up your skin giving it a flaky texture.

These are some of the everyday habits that can help you so much to get a brighter, younger and clearer skin. Not forgetting that water and food comes first, go ahead and follow these and you’ll see amazing results within just 3 months!

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