Exercises for fitness when you age

We all need to work out or add a part of exercising into our day to day routine to keep our body fit and healthy. You don’t necessarily have to be fat to have the need to go to the gym, as long as you have the need to keep your body healthy, you can always go to a fitness centre. Some people often think that if you are slim, you are healthy and on the other hand, if you are a little oversized, you are not healthy but both cases are equally wrong. Not every slim person is fit or not every fat person is unfit. When we get go sign up for a fitness club, they will ask you what exactly you expect whether it’s to lose weight, shape up body or to keep your body fit.


You may have seen that most of the people around thirties and forties start making it a habit to jog or run a bit every day to keep them fit. If you are starter to this process you might not know what exactly to do when you hit the gym. There will be great instructors to help you out on all of these but if you are planning to do some exercises on you own, then here you go with things that you can do as you age.



 This can help anyone so much to not only warm up but also to improve flexibility, blood circulation and stimulate the heartbeat. If you are a starter in a gym , you will notice the first thing is to get a good exercise session in line and they will start with stretching and breathing in. as you age, this form of exercises could help you a lot.



 With age, fast running could make you feel quite sore in no time, therefore it’s always better to go ahead with a small jog regularly so that way your body gets used to some form of warming up and sweating process. Otherwise when you don’t do anything at all, the bones have no flexing going on.



When you grow old, your bones gel in between joints dry up just like an overused machine that needs more oiling. Since you cannot add in oil into your knee joints, you will have to do something like cycling to keep your bones strong and firm.


These are some of the tips you can follow to make your body fit as fiddle as you age and no one will ever be able to call you old when you can do your things just like when you were young!

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