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Exercises for fitness when you age

We all need to work out or add a part of exercising into our day to day routine to keep our body fit and healthy. You don’t necessarily have to be fat to have the need to go to the gym, as long as you have the need to keep your body healthy, you can […]

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Things that Dairy can do to you

  Our first thing we ever taste is mother’s milk, then we drink milk off the bottle but the wonders that it can do for us is countless.  We don’t usually look into the benefits of the things that we eat or drink unless we are quite a health conscious person and focus on the […]

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Tips to loose belly fat

Do you have a fat belly? Well I don’t think it’s that cute then because in my view a fat belly doesn’t look that attractive on anyone else other than Winnie the pooh and super Mario. You know that the reason behind your big belly is your fault of letting it grow to the point […]

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